Silicone Onlays Cake Decorating By Marvelous Molds

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Silicone Onlays are the new alternative to stencilling your cakes. They are a cross between a stencil and a silicone mould. An entirely bespoke product invented by Make Your Own Molds, Marvelous Molds founder, Chef Dominic Palazzolo.

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Silicone Onlay Designs:

Marvelous Molds have a fantastic assortment of these innovative onlays.

Animal Print Silicone Onlays

A range of authentic, laser cut designs to accurately replicate animal patterns on your cake. Pair with bold colours to create a striking masterpiece.

Featured here is the Zebra Print Onlay


Baby Silicone Onlays

A range of baby themed laser cut Silicone Onlays to create a unique baby shower or christening themed cake. Pair up a centrepiece cake with some accenting cupcakes.

Featured here is the Baby Bump Onlay

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Chevron Silicone Onlays

LargeChevron-1Create perfect evenly spaced Chevrons on your cake. This new design will help your cakes stand out from the crowd. Use bold colours and different sized Chevron Silicone Onlays to create a breathtaking tiered Chevron cake.

Featured here is the Medium Chevron Onlay

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Damask Silicone Onlays

DamaskOnlay-1A sophisticated pattern that is widely used in fabrics and cake decorating alike. Onlays have a huge benefit over stencils as the laser cut blades help keep a defined pattern throughout the application process, stencil patterns may become blurred on the application. Pair with the Damask Medallion Onlay to create a centrepiece on the top of your cake.

Featured here is the Damask Pattern Onlay

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Geometric Silicone Onlays

DiamondsOnlay-1Creating a geometric design can become very messy and may be a lengthy process as you would need to wait for the design to dry before moving on. With Onlays, it is a simple clean process thanks to the flexible self-trimming blades end easy application ability.

Featured here is the Diamonds Onlay

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Lattice Silicone Onlays

Yet another popular design by Make Your Own Molds, the Lattice range sport some classical continuous patterns. If the designs do not match up correctly it won’t look right! Fantastic for vintage or wedding cakes.

Featured here is the Moroccan Lattice Onlay

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Ribbon Silicone Onlays

Designed to be used in conjunction with each other or complementary designs, these smaller Onlays are ideal for almost any cake. Why not couple two contrasting designs to create something quite unique.

Featured here is the Lovely Links Onlay
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String Work Silicone Onlays

OverlappingDropStrings-1-1String Work is usually created by hand using a piping method. Now you can easily create dramatic swag designs with just one application. Pair with some Marvelous Moulds to create an elegant Wedding cake.

Featured here is the Overlapping Drop Strings Onlay

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View the full Silicone Onlays range here.

Using Silicone Onlays:

1. Cover cake with sugarpaste (fondant) or buttercream. If buttercream is used, chill until firm or allow to crust.

2. Lightly cornstarch your Silicone Onlay.

3. Stiffen sugarpaste (fondant) with CMC or powdered sugar. Roll your sugarpaste (fondant) out to a setting of 2 on your Kitchen Aid Pasta attachment or 1/16 inch thickness using a rolling pin.

4. Lay the sugarpaste (fondant) on the Onlay & using light, quick strokes roll with a small rolling pin until trimming blades cut through the fondant completely.

5. Remove excess sugarpaste (fondant) on the outer edge & brush some edible glue or some Royal Icing evenly over the sugarpaste.

6. Remove unwanted pieces of sugarpaste (fondant) from the Onlay.

7. Gently stretch the Onlay on all sides to loosen the sugarpaste (fondant).

8. Align the Onlay onto the cake & press gently on the back of the Onlay to get the fondant to adhere to the cake.

9. Carefully peel back the Onlay from the cake, while ensuring the sugarpaste (fondant) has adhered to the cake.

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