LorAnn Oils – Super Strength Flavouring & Vaping Fluid

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LorAnn Oils have a reputation for providing concentrated, professional strength flavourings and essential oils for more than 50 years. They now incorporate a variety of sweet making, baking and spa supplies.

Super Strength 1 Dram LorAnn Oils:

These are typically 3 – 4x stronger than most flavourings currently available, forget weak, store-bought flavouring. For a 12 inch cake or batch of 12 cupcakes, you only need 2-3 drops.

It is said that many 1 Dram LorAnn Oil flavourings can also be used in the making of e-cig juice for your electronic cigarettes. Of course, LorAnn Oils do not condone this and you should do this at your own risk.

For a full list of 1 Dram flavours that are suitable for cakes, chocolates and e-cig’s, please see our PDF here.

To see the full range of 1 Dram flavourings please see this link.


LorAnn Oils Baking Emulsions:

Baking emulsions are premium quality colouring and flavourings for your cakes. Many alcohol-based flavourings ‘bake out’ and so the end result is a weak coloured and tasting cake.

Professional and home bakers alike swear by these, especially the Red Velvet version as this achieves an authentic deep red colour and taste.

To view the full range of LorAnn Oils Baking emulsions please see this link.


Expect to see more on LorAnn Oils on Cakey Bakey in the near future;=)