Designer Stencils For Cake Decorating

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Established 1982 in the USA, Designer Stencils have produced over 3000 various designed, stencils to date. They are laser cut from 10 millimetre food grade plastic so that they are indeed an investment for life.

Getting Started With Designer Stencils

Designer Stencils can be used with many mediums, such as:

  • Royal Icing
  • Lustre Dusts and sprays
  • Powdered Icing Sugar and cocoa
  • Airbrush Colours
  • And more!

Brush Embroidery Stencils


Brush Embroidery stencils help beginners and novices alike create the most authentic brush design. It’s as simple as scraping some Royal Icing with piping gel over the tops of your stencils and dragging the icing inwards with a small sable brush!

View the full range of Brush Embroidery Designer Stencils


Cake And Cupcake Top Stencils

Cake And Cupcake Top Designer StencilsCupcake top stencils are usually around 2-4 inches in diameter so they fit snug on top of Cookies and Cupcakes. The Cake top stencils are substantially larger and are around 8-12 inches diameter.

To create a special ‘raised’ effect of the designs, you should use stiff peak Royal Icing when spreading.

View the full range of Cake and Cupcake top Designer Stencils

Cake Side Stencils

CakeSideStencils-1Side stencils have a depth of around 3-4 inches and are designed to wrap gracefully around a cake. Some stencils may come in multi-layered packs to create a flowing complimentary pattern up your cake.

Why not try airbrushing different colours over your stencils? Dinkydoodle colours are recommended here as they simply sit on top of one another, yellow sits on top of blue!

                                                   View the full range of Cake Side Designer Stencils  

Number And Monogram Letter Stencils

NumberAndMonoLetters-1Save some valuable time and use stylised lettering in stencil form! You can be well on your way to a show stopper when combining with other stencils.

View the full range of Number and Monogram Letter Designer Stencils



Multi-tiered Stencils

TieredStencils-1Create flowing designs around the sides of your cakes, branches of cherry blossoms or an assortment of Damask designs. Many sets include 3-5 stencils and each can be used individually!

View the full range of multi-tiered designer stencils


Popular Stencil Designs And Accessories

These are some Designer Stencils that are the most popular, they are all lovely, but if you want your cakes to be unique, it may be best to choose other designs from the ranges above.

Accessories: Small Scraper, Medium Scraper and Stencil Wrap Kit.

Damask Design Stencil Sets

Paisley Design Stencils

Cupcake Topper Sets: Mini Love Birds And Chandelier Set, Contemporary Hearts Set Of 3, Chandelier Stencil Set Of 3, Amore Stencil Set.

Top & Side Stencils: Henna Paisley Mini Print, Fleur De LisChic Rose and Martha Stewart’s Town Houses Set Of 3