Cake Dutchess

Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste

Nowadays, the cake decorating world is saturated by sugar pastes, modelling pastes and modelling chocolates, but there is one unique Modelling Paste by Cake Dutchess that was formulated by Etty Van Urk from the Netherlands, is now highly sought after worldwide. Why Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste: Malleable paste that doesn’t dry too quickly. Read more…

By Jamie, ago

The Floral Piping Tips By Simply Making

Today I will be talking about the latest craze in the cake (cupcake) decorating – floral piping tips. You would be right in thinking that you can make ‘floral’ buttercream tops on cupcakes with many popular tips, but these nifty floral piping nozzles are easy-to-use and can beautifully decorate your cupcakes in Read more…

By Jamie, ago