Vanilla Extract VS Synthetic Flavouring

The importance of using real vanilla extract in our baking is more important today as our attitudes are starting to change over using artificial flavouring. In this post we will run through the benefits of using real vanilla over a sythentic composition called vanillin, using the right ingredients makes a difference Read more…

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Recipe: Sassy Ombré Cake

‘Ombré’ is said to have originated in the textiles industry for materials that vary in different shades of a colour from dark to light. This is now an ever-growing trend in the baking industry where different shades of cake are layered on one another to create a similar effect, the results Read more…

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Cookies And Pies

Recipe: Scrumptious Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies are said to be the chosen dessert of the Pennsylvania Amish culture, passed down through generations it is now widely sold throughout the United States. Traditionally they are filled with a sweet filling such as marshmallow, this recipe features a whipped cream filling instead. Makes: 16 whoopie pies Read more…

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