Agbay – The Most Advanced Cake Leveller

It is important to remember that conventional cake levellers can bow and move whilst cutting, this is due to the blade being under little pressure. Agbay cake levellers have around 110lbs of constant pressure so will slice through nuts, fruit cake and more! Continue reading to see additional benefits of Read more…

By Jamie, ago
Cake Lace

Cake Lace Colour By Claire Bowman

In the baking world we all look for new ways to wow crowds, youngsters or newly-weds, maybe even bag ourselves an award or two! However, if your cake doesn’t feature any Cake Lace colour, you may be missing out on something big! For those of you that may be wondering, Read more…

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Chocolate Decorations

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

We all love Chocolate, Milk, White and Dark. We indulge on it, create and experiment with it. But, have you ever dressed up your chocolate creations? Chocolate Transfer sheets are a fairly simple but ingenious creation. An Acetate sheet backed with a striking cocoa butter design. There a few Chocolate Read more…

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